Artist Statement

André Amaral relocated to Houston with his family in 1998, and received a BA in Applied Design and Visual Arts in 2004 and a MA in Humanities (Visual Arts) in 2009 from the University of Houston Clear Lake.

His work features inks salvaged from empty CMYK cartridges from a large format commercial printer. After the initial pencil sketch is transferred to canvas, each ink is painted by itself in four separate layersÇ cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The inks are not mixed in the painting process but mix visually due to its transparency.

The process of painting in layers of CMYK color is a reference to color separation in printing and the manner in which design software works in layers and color channels. The white areas are left untouched in order to parallel inkjet printing: colors are usually printed on white media and white areas are left untouched by the inks.

The main idea behind this painting process is to create a bridge between the commercial and artistic by bringing these solvent inks from their commercial purpose into fine art. The work usually features Brazilian culture in often nostalgic tones in reference to they way the Brazilian expat community deals with the distance from home.


How to find me:

facebook: Art by Andre Amaral

twitter: @amaraltx


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